We are dedicated to bring you a  healthy & intensive weight loss, disease prevention, natural diabetes management, health & fitness restoration, energy renewal and a return to a life filled with vitality and well being experience in a luxury environment.




Thousands of people have found that the combination of healthy food, pure air, exercise,  internal detoxification, sunshine and rest - the perfect balance that you will experience in the Body Factory Weight Loss  Program 

Body Factory weight loss Program is a specially designed and proven experience which yields remarkable results in a short period of time. Our  combination of fresh fruits ,fresh vegetables,smoothies and organic foods in days, most find that this pure food causes an amazing detoxification to begin.

As the body rids itself of impurities, automatic changes begin. You begin to lose weight. Digestive disorders, including constipation and heartburn (acid  reflux), begin to heal almost immediately. As the viscosity of blood improves, high blood pressure begins to lower, insulin production is re-regulated as the pancreas begins to operate properly. The production and distribution of hormones is regulated.

We will introduce you to a program of healthy living for the rest of your life.  Chronic health problems due  to...


-improper nutrition



-weight problems

-skin problems 

will increasingly improve drastically  with our approach of nourishing the body of healthy and organic foods.



The human body is designed to maintain fitness and health long into old age. It is not designed to continually lose the battles of obesity, immune system deficiency and disease. 

Unlock the secret to understanding the make up of your body and you will have the knowledge to improve your quality of life and your overall wellness. An optimal body composition will help you feel healthier, move more easily and feel better

Photo by Denis Raev/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Denis Raev/iStock / Getty Images
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Photo by afy85/iStock / Getty Images
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Photo by macro_jarek/iStock / Getty Images