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Four Ways To Improve Your Look In 20 Minutes

Written by Eugene Kagansky


Posted on August 31 2017

The weather’s getting warmer, the sun is shining, and it’s time to treat yourself. But maybe, like so many New Yorkers, you’re so short on time you don’t even know what your dinner will be tonight, let alone when you can squeeze in a spa treatment. Opt for one of these Body Factory Skin Care treatments that are so quick, you can get them done on your lunch break. After all, spring is coming – so you should add some spring to your step!

Say goodbye to dark circles with Eye Rescue

If a packed schedule and daily stresses are wreaking havoc on your lovely eyes, opt for a 20-minute eye rescue treatment. In less time than it takes to watch a sitcom, you’ll notice a major improvement in the area under your eyes. That way, when you look in the mirror, you’ll notice how vibrant the windows into your soul appear – not how tired you are!

Show your shiny complexion who’s boss with Oil Control

Do you struggle to keep your skin’s natural oils at bay? Get them under control while cleansing, smoothing, and purifying your skin. Body Factory’s Oil Control treatment takes half as long as your standard manicure, and it will save you from having to excuse yourself to powder your nose on your next dinner date.

Turn winter lips into summer lips with Lip Renewal

One of the most frustrating parts of cold weather is how flaky and chapped lips become no matter how often you apply balm. Why not get the soft, moisturized lips you want while also softening the fine lines around your mouth? Especially when it takes less time than the wait for a table at an average New York City brunch joint!

Give your hands the spa treatment, too, with Hand Repair

If winter is hard on your lips, it’s probably just as rough on your hands. And isn’t that a shame? After all, who doesn’t want soft, moisturized, ladylike hands? Whether you spend all day typing at a desk, folding laundry, or doing dishes, it doesn’t have to show. Drop in for a Hand Repair treatment and you won’t hesitate to reach for your sweetheart’s hand during your next walk in Central Park.

Oh, and by the way – These treatments are all just $50!

Eye Rescue, Oil Control, Lip Renewal, and Hand Repair are just four of our twelve Microzone treatments! Each Microzone treatment takes twenty minutes, costs $50, and targets one common skin problem for a quick fix. Find out more.