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Three Body Factory Treatments To Show Your Eyes Some Love

Written by Eugene Kagansky


Posted on August 31 2017

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And while it may be true that our eyes reveal our most intimate emotions, there are certain things they just don’t have to give away – like our age, sun damage, or stress levels! Try one of these Body Factory treatments this spring, and your crow’s feet, fine lines, and under-eye bags will be washed away with the April rainstorms. As the sun comes out, so will your bright, lovely eyes.

Start simple with a MicroZone Eye Rescue.

This treatment is quick, painless, inexpensive, and above all, effective. MicroZone eye rescue addresses dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes. At just $50 a pop, and taking only 20 minutes and no recovery time, it’s a great choice for a quick rejuvenation around the eyes.

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Or, go deeper with Dermatude Meta Therapy.

Want to fix those bags and crow’s feet without resorting to a surgical facelift? Try Micro Needling. It’s a comfortable treatment that works on two levels. First, a special serum is applied externally to problem areas, like between the brows and next to or beneath the eyes. Then, micro needles inject the serum to exactly the right depth beneath the skin’s surface. You’re left with “wow” eyes with very little downtime.

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Restore volume around the eyes with Restylane Lyft.

As we age, we lose the fat and collagen in our skin that give our cheeks and the area around the eyes natural volume. Restylane Lyft is a non-surgical way to restore that volume and smooth out wrinkles. With just one or two treatments, your friends will notice the vibrant color of your eyes, not distracting wrinkles or sagging skin.

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