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Three Signs Of Aging – And The Body Factory Treatments For Them

Written by Eugene Kagansky


Posted on August 31 2017

We all age differently. We all have different skin types and skin care needs. But here at Body Factory Skin Care, we also often see clients who are frustrated by the same handful of skin problems.

Luckily for our clients, that means we have safe, simple solutions at the ready! If any of these frequent skin issues are plaguing you, stop by Body Factory soon. We want to help because we believe there’s no reason to feel any way besides radiantly beautiful.

Dull, uneven complexion

Is your daily face wash just not enough, lately? Many of our clients come to us seeking help for an uneven complexion. Dark spots and blemishes come from sun damage and clogged pores – two problems a laser facial can gently and effectively correct. This quick procedure brightens and tightens your complexion. And, it removes dirt and bacteria deep in your pores that regular facials don’t stand a chance again. You’ll walk out feeling younger, brighter, and more confident.

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Fine lines

Laughing, crying, soaking up sun – All normal parts of life, and all causes of premature aging. If you’re frustrated by thin lines developing under your eyes, on your forehead, or next to your mouth, we don’t blame you. Luckily, there are a handful of gentle Body Factory treatments that can improve those pesky lines. The right one for you might be our BioActive Peels.

By working with your skin chemistry, BioActive Peel treatments give you the same results as a chemical peel with much less discomfort and recovery time. Your BioActive Peel bring out the smooth, soft, bright skin beneath the surface and make you love looking in the mirror. In addition to fine lines, BioActive Peels can address acne scarring, roughness, dark spots, and more.

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Wrinkles and sagging

Fine lines are one thing, but wrinkles and loose skin are a different challenge entirely. If you’re noticing deep wrinkles and losing skin elasticity, consider a laser tightening treatment. It’s a great option for the surgery-averse – like a facelift, but so much gentler. By stimulating your body’s natural collagen production, our GentleMax Pro system fills out unevenness in your complexion, smooths out wrinkles, and restores lift and elasticity. Plus, it’s safe for all parts of the body.

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