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What To Expect After Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Written by Eugene Kagansky


Posted on August 28 2017

Do you have stubborn fat in certain areas that won’t go away regardless of how much you work out? Losing weight by dieting and exercising is generally great for your health, but it’s impossible to target specific areas of your body with lifestyle changes alone. That means you can run five miles every day, but even if you build up your thigh muscles, you’re no more likely to lose fat from your thighs than anywhere else on your body.

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other types of cells, so the same cool temperature that eliminates fat cells will have negligible effects on your muscles and skin. This FDA-cleared procedure has helped countless Body Factory Skin Care clients get a new lease on life by safely removing fat from frustratingly bulgy areas of their bodies.

Think CoolSculpting might be a good choice for you? Read on to learn what to expect in the days, weeks, and months following your procedure.

The day of your appointment

You’ll drop into Body Factory for your appointment. During the procedure, you’ll feel cold, and some pinching or pulling sensations. But like other CoolSculpting clients, you’ll be able to relax, do work, watch television, read, or even get some shuteye. After your procedure, you’ll get dressed and walk right out the door – CoolSculpting is non-surgical, so it requires no recovery time!

The week after CoolSculpting

You’ll be on your feet, going to work, socializing with friends, and exercising as usual. You might experience some swelling, numbness, or bruising and decide to take an over-the-counter painkiller. But you’ll quickly forget about your CoolSculpting procedure and feel like things have returned to normal. That is, you’ll feel like things are back to normal until…

Three weeks after CoolSculpting

…when you will start to notice results! That’s right – Less than a month after your procedure, your body will have started flushing out the fat cells that your CoolSculpting treatment targeted. As time goes by, you’ll feel even more encouraged every day as you see changes take effect. Your look will keep getting better and better until…

Two months after CoolSculpting

This is when you’ll see the most dramatic results. With this wonderful change, you’ll feel even more confident. You’ll finally go out wearing that red dress that’s been hiding in the back of your closet for ages. You’ll feel motivated to keep dieting and exercising now that your body is finally cooperating. And your body will continue flushing out those fat cells until…

Four to six months after CoolSculpting

The changes you see will finally start to taper off, leaving behind a more ideal body shape. Confident and energetic, you’ll keep up your healthy lifestyle and feel as beautiful as you really are.